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Greed Mode Donation Machine Farm
this mod allows you to fill up the greed Donation Machine in 1h
Created 9 years ago

This mod allows you to fill up the Greed Donation machine to 999+1 coins in less than an hour to get the keeper and other achievements .

NOTICE: This mod only affects the basement floor of the greedmode.

This mod spawns the Donation machine + a dollar in the basement of greedmode and allows you to donate instantly with every character.

How to install

Read the Readme.txt or read here: Installation

What to do when the machine is crashing

simply try to change between all characters while using this mod. this will reset the probability of jamming.

if you cant fill the machine over the value of "109" you are using an out of date installation of isaac. please update the game


x 1723

- fixed install instructions for x64 windows.

- Added Readme file

- Added Readme file

- Moved the machine and the dollar closer to the spawnpoint

- Now spawns the greed donation maschine + a dollar in the basement :) (thanks @ /u/williamwiggles for the suggestion)

- removed overpowered maggy

yes do it m8 bring it back with the power of repentence and 34 charechters
am I really gonna defile this mode for keeper?

of course I am!

thank you so much for making this mod!
Thank God for this mod, I hate greed mode so this is perfect for achievemnts. Works great.
Is there a Repentance version out here somehwere?
Just wondering if this mod will be updated for Repentance?
if it doesnt even work on afterbirth+ i doubt it will be updated to repentance
Would you consider making an AB+ version of the mod? That would be much appreciated
That moment when I'm too lazy to actually play the game:
Hi, i followed clearly every step, one by one and there is nothing in the basement.
Is there the same problem with someone here ?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!