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Halo Music for Afterbirth
Replaces Afterbirth/Rebirth music with music from Halo.
Created 6 years ago
..also comes with a sprinkle of Destiny.

Featured music is used in the Ultra Greed Fight. It's titled Walk Softly, and it comes from Halo 5.

This is the updated version of my Halo Music mod, now with music for Afterbirth! Afterbirth music has an asterisk* next to it.

If you do not have Afterbirth, remove the afterbirth folder from inside the music folder, then install as normal.

Here's the full list of music used:
Basement - Peril (Halo 2)
Cellar - Covenant Dance (Halo CE)
*Burning Basement - Another Walk (Halo 3)

Caves - Impend (Halo 2)
Catacombs - Infiltrate (Halo 3)
*Flooded Caves - Released / Wild Life (Halo 3)

Depths - Last of the Brave / Bits and Pieces / The Office of Naval Intelligence (Halo 3 / H3 ODST / H3 ODST)
Necropolis - Pylons (Halo 4)
*Dank Depths - Cabal Stomp (Destiny)

Womb/Utero - Dread Intrusion / Halo Reborn / Mausoleum Suite (Halo 3 / Halo 3 / Halo 2)
*Scarred Womb - Gravemind / Sacred Icon Suite (Halo 3 / Halo 2)
*Blue Womb - The Shadow Thief (Destiny: TTK)

Sheol - Immaterial (Halo 4)
Cathedral - Sacred Icon Suite / Black Tower (Halo 2 / Halo 3)

Dark Room - Faithless (Halo 4)
Chest - Ascendancy (Halo 4)

Secret Room - High Charity (Halo 2)
Library - Orbit of Glass (Halo 2)
Arcade - Never Surrender (Halo 2)
Angel Room - Ambient Wonder (Halo CE)
Devil Room - Mausoleum Suite (Halo 2)
Shop - Haven (Halo 4)

*Title Screen - Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix (Halo 2)
Credits - Roll Call (Halo 3)
Death - Asphalt and Ablution (H3 ODST)

Normal Boss Fight - No Stone Unturned (H3 ODST)
Post-Boss Fight - Flawed Legacy (Halo 2)
*Boss Fight Alt - Flee (Halo 3)
*Post-Boss Fight Alt - Fallen SABER (Destiny: TTK)

Mom Fight - Rock Anthem for Saving the World (Halo CE)
Womb Fight - Uphill, Both Ways (Halo Reach)
*Hush - Last Stand (Destiny: TTK)

Satan Fight/Mega Satan Fight - Blow Me Away Instrumental (Halo 2)
Isaac Fight - Traffic Jam (H3 ODST)
Lamb Fight - Unyielding Soul (Halo 2 Anniversary)
??? Fight - Arrival (Halo 4)
*Ultra Greed Fight - Walk Softly (Halo 5)

Treasure Room Discovery Themes - One Final Effort, Choose Wisely, Remembrance, Movement (all Halo 3)

Starting a game - Heretic Hero (Halo 2)
Moving to the next floor - Trace Amounts (Halo CE)

Unchanged music:
Introduction cutscene music is unchanged.
The epilogue after beating Mom is unchanged.
Discovering Angel/Devil Rooms is unchanged (mostly so you can tell when you have).

Other music mods: - Indie Music


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May I use some the songs from this mod for a mega mod I and a group of modders are working on? It will help us greatly anf we will be sure to credit you for your great work porting halo music into Isaac! ^^
Me one more time:
I went for this instead of the Indie Pack, moved the music folder into resources, took out indie music, nothing changed...
Just noticed, it seems the only one that didn't change for me yet was the title screen and i think i know why, so i'll keep you posted.
Wish I could friend you on steam. You seem nice and i like meeting people. If you wish to send me a friend request, send it to Biohazard Division.
10/10 would play isaac to listen again
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

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