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Easier Game-Extra Starting Items
everyone gets options, chaos, diamond,spidermod
Created 7 years ago
A mod for my own personal purposes, (I.E. unlocking all the stuff manually since my computer deleted my save), this makes every character start with More Options, There's Options, Chaos, Spidermod, and the item that makes you shoot diamonds when you're at full red HP, as well as XVII the stars so you don't have to hold r when there's no adjacent treasure room. Enjoy the boosts, if you're coming from 3DS or Xbox/PS/WiiU, use this to quickly get your unlocks. also I couldn't figure out how to name my .zip.


also if you want me to make you an icon for your mod I guess I can, admire that beautiful pixel spider

EDIT: whoops, an item was wrong. also gave everyone moar stuff, you can now basically tear through rooms in seconds


x 6

- added some items

- fixed SPidermod

This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
How about an Icon for my utilities mod? A wrench maybe?
No problemo! How about I use it as the icon for my next mod, then you can just right-click and save image as
Or you could post it on imgur and send the link cx
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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