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Afterbirth Improved!
Improves various visuals from Afterbirth!
Created 7 years ago
Hello! Psychotic again. I was playing Afterbirth, and as I was playing through, there were a few sprites that I Really dislike. Like, Fat Bat's sprite had really bad shading, Lil Chest didn't have the most effort put into it, just things that were all opinions of mine. So I decided to go through the sprites of Afterbirth and "Fix" them, so I was satisfied with them.

The complete list of original sprites that were changed goes as follows:

Zodiac, Marked!, Crackjacks, Key bum (Item and Familiar), Golden heart in UI, Fart Baby (I kinda threw up as I was fixing him), Lil Loki, Papa Fly, Multidimensional Baby, Milk!, Lil Chest, Fate's Reward, Rune Bag, Succubus, Scarred Guts, Dank Death's Head, Fat Bat, Imp, Roundy, Cyclopia, Megaclotty, Bone Knight, Red Ghost, Dukie, Ulcer, Dip Corn, Dip Corn (Brownie), Greed Keeper, Dangle, Turdling, Brownie, Little Horn, and The Stain.

When I say that I "Fixed" them, I can mean anywhere from completely reworking the sprite to just toning down the saturation to just adding a few lines of detail.

Well, either way, I hope you enjoy these small visual tweaks I made! Have fun Afterbirth-ing everyone

Screenshots are coming, I just don't have them at this moment. I will remove this line when I add them.


x 155

- Added a lot better shading to Little Horn.

- Added a new way to render dirt, which makes it so that it blends with every stage now.

- Made Dukie's have a much better animation.

- Made Fleshy Death's Head's have a much better animation.

- Changed the Scarred Guts to be more unique and better looking.

- Added special shading to the boss health bar.

- Redrew the "Get out of jail free" card's art, along with the "Emergency Contact" card's art.

- Redrew the Mystery Sack.

- Desaturated the Golden Heart.

- Probably a few other things I forgot, but enjoy the update! :)

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Enemies & Bosses
HUD & Menus
New Enemies
It's Psychotic, so you know it's a great mod!!!

It's a simple mod, but looks very nice. All of your mods are perfectly put together, well done!
Hey, It's me again
I've reported an issue with some textures in a reply on godmode, but I don't think you've noticed it so I'm putting it here

1. You've replaced crackjacks item texture to green, hovewer, costume is still yellow. Fix:

2. You've changed farting baby familiar texture, but you've skipped the item texture. Fix:

Thanks for this amazing mod!
Excuse me but i think you are the best to ask this, how would i go about modding. (yes i tried the help page and all i can really do is basement renovater)
id like to know some things that you did in godmode, like how to change how things look, i made a lot of things on my deviantart page ( ) but i dont know how to make that a reality
It's all about file structure haha, put a sprite in the right folder and it's changed
I know I may sound extremely stupid saying this however I cannot for the life of me install this mod properly and any input on this would be greatly appreciated
also your binding of isaac godmode is the Ultimatemod i have ever seen!
Hey man, one thing that bothers me a lot is Ebonys, they are just plain reskins, another similar case are the Dank Death Heads, those little horns you gave them made them look really cool, could you give the Ebonys horns like those? Would be really neat
I can do my best to make them unique
...By any chance, will you be changing the sprites for the Crown of Light and its tears? Their shading is pretty much nonexistent outside of the glowing...
I will definitely do that. I added a tiny bit of shading to the Diamond tears, and a tiny bit to the crown.
Those womb enemies, red head things that pop out of the ground and shoot 3 projectiles, they are transparent on scared womb (the afterbirth alt womb) levels with your mod.
I know they are, that is a piece of my sprite fixes. It makes them blend a lot better with the enviroment.
Yea.. doesn't work very well if the whole enemy is transparent. They don't blend they are just see-through and it's noticeable. It works with other enemies that have that tho.
Doesn't matter really, they just look like ghosts instead of solid enemies. No big deal, I removed those two files, i like the other changes you did.
Alright. I'll definitely change it a bit. Thanks for your feedback
I'm a big fan of the transparent Mr. Fred and others. Makes 'em look like undeveloped fetuses.
Oh thank god someone fixed Lil Chest. It just looked so out of place compared to everything else.
I would have to agree with you there. Glad you like it
Looks great! Lots of small details as you've said; only thing to do now is try it out & see if it ends up driving me bonkers or if it ends being one of those "small things you can't live without" like the improved boss HP bar mod (just slight visual tweak that makes all the difference).
I should definitely get more of the HUD down, some of the hud aspects in afterbirth were kind of weird to me. And then I need to fix a few more items as well. Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot to me
I got a li'l request that is not too important,but anyway,anyone can make Dr.Fetus's Hat replace the Sprites of Mr.Mega?
I knew something like this would pop up from you.
the jpeg compression makes it looks worse on first sight, use png next time
the screenshots can only be jpegs in this site tho
I had to save it in 8 bit resolution because the image was 73 kbs when I saved it at 32 bit. I'm definitely going to get a better icon, but that's all I have for now.
don't think you can upload in png here, but OP could have an imgur link beneath the screenshots I suppose?
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