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Haunted Depths
Retexture of the Dank depths
Created 8 years ago
I thought that the Dank Depths were the weakest of the alt floors in Afterbirth, so I did a small retexture to make them look different than the regular Depths floor.The mod is pretty much finished now, but I may add things later if anyone suggests any cool ideas.

Here's a gallery if you wanted to see what it looks like in game

Thanks to /u/Keeby358 for the ideas for fog and distorted music!


x 15

- Added more fog to the Dank Depths

- Added a distorted version of the Dank Depths theme

- fixed some textures

This mod contains:
The Dank Depths are probably just a darker and foggier version of the regular depths. How did Edmund not get this idea you had Flutterrage?
This changes the Dank Depths a lot for me, Thanks for this!
A really good tweakening on the Dank Depths, lookin' swaggy!
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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