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Afterbirth Custom Challenge Launcher
Make your own challenge runs!
Created 5 years ago
This is my custom challenge launcher for Afterbirth.
You can create your own challenge runs and share them with friends.


-Customize starting HP and consumables
-Choose starting trinket and card/pill/rune
-Choose starting items
-Enemy and boss health multiplicator
-Simple item pool editor
-Load/save challenge runs and share them through codes or files
-Random run generator

The item pool editor is a very simple tool which let's you change/combine item pools. For example you could make treasure rooms contain angel room items instead of treasure room items or you could make shops sell devil items AND shop items.

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions feel free to post them and they might be fixed/included in the next version. Also I'm not a native english speaker, so if you find any GUI text which is bad english feel free to correct me.


Just download the binary and start the .exe file. The tool should automatically detect your rebirth folder. If it doesn't it will prompt you to enter the root path of your Binding of Isaac - Rebirth installation.

Modify anything you want and hit the "Play" Button to start the run.

Using this tool may override following files. So it may collide with other mods which are using the same files:



x 1353

- Added "Blindfolded" option

- Added "Deep Pockets" item

- Fixed bug where modifying itempools lead to an error message on starting the game.

- Added new items/trinkets and character unlocked by the ARG

- Minor bug fixes

- Randomized runs now randomly add items to the ban list

- Improved UI

- More "Random" buttons

- Ban items

- Choose a character for your challenge!

This needs to be updated for Afterbirth+
dont download this this glitches your game and you cant open it
for what version of TBoI it is rebirth? afterbirth? afterbirth+?
the binding of rebirth++?
it wont let the game open. it crashes every time. but it is nice
Its says that is for afterbirht,but later says that is for rebirth, but anyway, don't load it if you have rebirth or afterbirth+, I almost lost my game because of this mod
How can I have a custom challenge in challenge from normal isaac after click tab?
And I forgot how to play this mods beacose they do not work.
don't download. this mode ruined my game, i can't open rebirth and afterbirth without my game crashing. 89141 fix your mod
How do i install it i'ts not clear enaugh sry if i'ts just me being dumb ;c
am I doing something wrong? I select my items, but when I start a new run, it loads start game stats, not custom
DO NOT INSTALL!!! I tries to play it, and my Rebirth stopped working!!
If Rebirth does not work, go to the folder with the game then to the resources folder and delete the file named players
I did it and its still not working. well fricc, there goes my OP isaac run .
How do i unistall? I want to download another mod but this one collides with it
it doesn't work game opens then suddenly closes
The challenge does not appear in the challenges or custom challenges pls help
It's not supposed to - it begins when you start a new run
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.