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Easy Challenges (Afterbirth Compatable)
Make rebirth and afterbirth challenges really quick to complete
Created 7 years ago
On all the challenges you start with brimstone and max red hearts; you can always fire tears and to complete any challenge you just have to beat the first boss.

Just extract the contents of the zip file and put in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth resources folder usually at (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources)


x 184

- Fixed challenges 22 and 26

This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
can you make this a afterbirth + compatibable mod? it doesn't seem like it saves the challenges i cleared when i installed the mod, when i go from afterbirth to +.
Thank you! Wanted to beat all the Afterbirth challenges before getting Afterbirth+ but Speed and Brains were just too difficult for me.
please make this compatible with afterbirth+
Would very much appreciate this for the Afterbirth+ challenges.

Ultra Hard is just not fun and I want to just get past it so I can enjoy the rest.
Can you make this compatible with Afterbirth +?
I've beated the hardest challenges already, so... fuck off "brains!"
finally i did the guardians challenge. Waaaaay too hard for me.
This is going to help me greatly. I mean, I know it's sort of cheating but I've spent so much time dying on these challenges. I deserve it riiiiiighhhttt?
I'm doing this on a mac and I don't see a resource file. All I see is the shortcut for my game. Do I just put the file there anyway?
go to application support - steam - steamapps - common - binding of isaac rebirth/afterbirth (right click, show package contents) then the resources folder is there. you may have already known this after 2 days
This is what I need for that idiot challenge. Thanks!
thanks, Brains! was too difficult for me, more than Speed! Xd
A godsend for people who already beat the challenges on a different file fair and square.
Thanks! 'SPPED' was the only thing standing in between me and '1001%' completion
great I already beat all challenges but this is very well done
Thank you very much!
The challenges were a pain in the ass for me!
April 10, 2022 - 3 months ago
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