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Character Items Overhaul - Afterbirth
Better Starting Items for (almost) every character!
Created 7 years ago
This mod aims to improve characters with new starting items for most characters, trying to mantain balance and not being too OP.


Every Character starts with the "XVII - Stars" card, so you don't have to hold R until you find an item room!

Every Character also starts with "Spider Mod", so you can see enemy HP's and track your damage!

Isaac: Starts with "NO!" trinket (Active Items doesn't show up anymore, D6 is Life!)

Magdalene : No Changes

Cain: Now starts with "PHD", straight back to the good ol' vanilla times!

Judas: Now starts with Goat Head, back to the Guaranteed Devil Deals!

???: Now starts with Shiny Rock!

Eve: No Changes (you can get Razor Blade with her by donating "some" coins to the greed machine)

Samson: Now starts with Lusty Blood! 2 Samsons for the price of one.

Azazel: No Changes. Since he got un-nerfed, i guess it's fair to keep him the way he is. (also, Fools Card gets replaced by Stars Card)

Lazarus: No Changes (besides Blue Pill being replaced by Stars Card)

Eden: No Changes

Lost: Instead of starting with D4, now starts with Diplopia! (for those who have unlocked Holy Mantle, why would you reroll it?)

Lilith: Now starts with 9-Volt, balancing Box of Friends by making it not OP and not too nerfed! Also starts with Child Leash, for your maximum control!

The Keeper: Now starts with Fanny Pack! (discount Holy Mantle), Head of the Keeper, Money = Power, and Steam Sale! (He's the shopkeeper, right? Makes sense!)
Also starts with 4 pennies

Feel free to comment any suggestion and problems you're having down here, and don't forget to upvote the mod if you liked it! Have a good day, and enjoy your 109!


x 25

- Keeper now holds... Head of the Keeper! (duh), Steam Sale, Money = Power, and 4 coins!

- Added support for the Keeper patch

- Keeper now holds... Fanny Pack!

- ??? now holds... Shiny Rock!

- Lost now holds... Diplopia! (and got rid of D4!)

- Lilith now holds... Child Leash! (and got rid of No! [say no to uncreativity!])

- Azazel reversed to vanilla. Welcome Back, Az!

- Since the update adds Razor Blade to Eve by unlocking it, i removed it from her in this version. Don't get grumpy!

- Lost and Eden now both start with Spider Mod, too

- Fixed Lilith... again *sigh*

- Fixed Lilith not starting with "Spider Mod"

This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
This video should help:

If you do not have a .zip extractor, I would suggest getting WinRar( )

Win rar is a trialware(A program that supposedly ends after your trial is over) file archiver utility for Windows computers, that allows for you to create / extract / open /edit /etc. .zip files(compressed files). It was developed April 22nd, 1995(21 years ago) and is quite infamous for, when your trial 'ends', it does not actually end. If you exit out of the 'Your trial is over' popup box, your trial will continue.
Basically, to use / open / 'install' binding of isaac mods, you need to have some type of .zip archiver, or something that can efficiently allow you to extract .zip files. Win Rar and 7-zip are the most popular, and proven to be the most efficient and useful.

I hope I was helpful.
Thanks! this mod is op but not too op! very fun!
all characters have Spider mod= love this for life
does this work on afterbirth though
im unsure how to add it correctly
any suggestions. i get to the steam resource file but after that im clueless
in the zip file you got the players.xml, right? Then you need to open the resource folder and extract it to the folder!
what do you mean with that, buddy?
I like most of the changes. You did well.
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!