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No Flashing Multidimensional Baby
Makes the tears of Multidimensional Baby not flash
Created 4 years ago
Makes the tears of Multidimensional Baby not flash

Now people with epilepsy can use it no worries (I hope. Don't sue)


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This mod contains:
Finally, no more headaches and eye strain! Now if only the penny tears didn't flash as much...
You can find a mod to do that here!
Thanks for making this mod, keeps from all those tears clouding up the screen.
Thank you so much for making this! All those flashing tears got really annoying really fast.
Finally a mod that makes Dimensional Buddy not give you an epileptic fit!
The tear effects were such an eyesore. Thank you so much for this.
You are da boss. Thanks man. I may not have epilepsy, but those tears were driving me crazy.
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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