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BOOM Explosion Sound Replacement
Straight from 123Pendejo's videos!
Created 5 years ago
Have you ever thought when you watched 123Pendejo's videos, "Man, those BOOM sounds would go great with anything!"

This is a step forward to the future of one of the best boom sounds ever created, being a key sound in any game!

Just one moment of your time, and this mod will make it even funnier to blast the living hell out of your enemies.


Also on another note, comes in two styles!

- Overlapping Boom! (Plays with the original)
- Replacing Boom! (Plays alone)
- On an added bonus, the enemy spawn sound is now "POOSH"

On another another note, this is my second mod.


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This mod contains:
Sound Effects
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What sound should I replace next? (Audio related things only.)
You Should use sound effects from his "Super WHA-HOO! Bros. series."
Not sure how I'd be able to do that, as the video has constant music in it. However, I may make a sound mod that replaces leech charging sounds with Mario Head plane noises.
maybe, you could ask to 123pendejos for sounds!... oh wait!! that's meee!!!!!
Are you hinting you you 123Pendejo's? If so, can you get me those sounds?
I know he's not the REAL guy, but if he has the sounds, I want em.
dude just check his steam profile, he is the real pendejos
Oh. Woops. Apparently he is legit. Sorry mate.
add him if you want these sounds you need dude
Replace the little boss intro thingy with that "what is that? WTF is that?" sound
I don't know where that comes from.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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