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Created 9 years ago
All brimstone lasers are replaced with the larger brimstone lasers fired by some bosses, including the Haunt and Mega Satan. Not only the player's lasers are enlarged, but all enemies that previously fired small lasers will fire large lasers. This also affects Head of Krampus, but does not affect Shoop da Whoop.

The player's lasers have heightened damage and area of effect. All characters in this mod except Samson and Eden have been given brimstone and another item that can synergize with it. If you want to remove this, delete the players.xml file from the resources folder.


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This mod contains:
holy sh t it work.
so freaking cool dude +1 heart
pleeease do an AB version... I want mega satan brimstone so bad
ehhhh it seems unnecessary considering you could juts add infinite reuse to the mega satan head.

i guess its not really the same because it doesnt get synergies, but i also, admittedly dont know how to deal with afterbirth. and im done with isaac mods forever sorry
Can you make it work with Shoop da Whoop, maybe make it op?
i want to do that in the future but im lazy and afterbirth is harder to work with

Why not update it?
0/10 not op enough

...just kidding thank you for this, good sir.
it probably doesnt work with afterbirth
Hey. I made it work with afterbirth. Can I give you the file and credit me for making it work for afterbirth?
yo thats a great idea i had no idea there was still interest in bigstone
i can't play afteribirth it isn't respondig

no big surprise there. i dont think any mods are really compatible with afterbirth right now.
I made a reddit post a long time ago saying that this should be a hard-coded synergy for Polyphemus + Brimstone. Looks like my dream has come true.
i used ricks unpacker and then the character editor
Can you teach me how to do mods, or give me some tutorials? The ones i saw didn't leave ir clear enough. Thx
PD: This mod is awesome af
Keaton Thanks for try my mod I might always use this one cause it is good
Great work again keaton! Big fan of you and hutts ^_^
this is getting an upvote, super cool.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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