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Sad MLG Airhorn Music after death
For when you really die
Created 7 years ago
The original is from


Just put the music file into the "resources" folder ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources )


x 83

- Fix audio preview

This mod contains:
Background Music
R.I.P Isaac


Killed by a Host (understandably)
I only had 1 chance, 1 eden token (because I suck in this game) and I was in Baement I (I only had 3 soul hearts) Then I died... from a simple, tiny spider. That music would fit perfect there.
This did nothing??? Also why is it a notepad file??? Help??? or fix it?
as someone who mostly use graphic/audio mods - this is a must have XD
i can't download it, even though i have my copy of isaac opened
persuade my butt to be rekt oink peace,,, sassafrak as love, and as life, jk ice jj shark is poop. (Best death sound ever)
WOW ;) This Mod is too ML fricking G for me!
Agreed. Also I had to add this extra part because of the minimal text rules.
Also, I tried the same thing with another music file, and it worked.
I put the music file (not the sad air horn file) into my resources folder next to packed and nothing happens. Any help?
You have to put the file called MUSIC into the resource folder. If you already have a music file, Drag the file inside of the music file (You Died) Into the music file within the resources folder..
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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