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The Nightmare of Isaac
Reskins all floors and some bosses
Created 5 years ago

-Makes some bosses and enemies look a little more messed up.
-Changes the graphics of all floors.
-Changes the sprites of some items and trinkets.
-Changes the sprites of some pickups.
-Small tweaks to HUD and menus.

Basement-Forest, A relatively lush oak forest.

Cellar-Woods, An old forest, full of spiders!

Caves-Warrens, An eerie mix of root-lined caverns and ruins.

Catacombs-Burrows, A system of natural and man-made caves, overrun long ago by moss and mold.

Depths-Dark Woods, An ancient, dark pine forest,.

Necropolis-Haunted Forest, A misty and creepy forest, mostly pine trees, lit with an eerie light.

Womb-Murky Swampland, Strangely, it remains thickly forested with oak trees.

Utero-Glade, A strange forest, mostly oaks, muddy streams and moss.

Cathedral-Ruins, Ancient, Yet somehow left untouched.

Sheol-Hall of Skulls, An eerie cavern, lined with skulls, human and beast alike.

Dark Room-Hell, Well, what's to say, it's hell...


x 45

- Updated Hall of Skulls (Sheol) art.

- Updated Bedroom (Chest) art.

- Reskins for some final bosses.

- Changed Glade (Utero) art.

- 5 new (up to date) screenshots.

- Changed Bedroom/Chest graphics.

- Fixed a few small tiling errors.

- New icon.

- Added art for Sheol and Dark Room.

- Slightly changed loading screen.

- Changed the art for Ruins (Cathedral).

- Fixed Item reskins not working.

- Reskins 6 bosses.

- Reskins 7 enemies.

- Reskins 5 items.

- Reskins 3 minibosses.

- Resprited 32 enemies.

- Changed boss HP bar.

- Changed the graphics of 25 trinkets.

- Changed the graphics of 30 items.

- Changed a few pickups.

- Improved wall graphics on dark woods and haunted forest.

This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
Items & Trinkets
HUD & Menus
New Enemies
Is there a way I can make this for afterbirth on my own?
can you do afterbirth i wold LOVE it
That is even better than GodMode's floor graphics.
Would you mind if I used some of this in a video?
Update for Afterbirth? Think about it
Actually, small problem, the unpacker has not yet been updated for afterbirth, so I can't extract the necessary files for editing, sorry.
Unpacker just came out, but Ed decided to change some stuff in the files, meaning it would require me to remake the entire mod, and, would make levels like hell impossible, also, it would mean the mod would no longer be compatible with rebirth.
The unpacker has just been updated for afterbirth here:
this is really nice, cant w8 to see more from you!
This is fantastic, I really hope you continue to work on it through Afterbirth!
I like this mod's visual identity a lot . Do you plan making any other changes other than reskins?
Thanks, but I don't think this mod will ever change gameplay , but I could make a separate mod that could go with this mod that changes some gameplay.
I like how every update adds cool stuff like new enemy reskins and items instead of just boring fixes Awesome mod! good job PancakesKid
Nice mod, the bosses look very spooky scary :P, do you think about maybe doing a reskin for some items/trinkets?
Good idea, I'll start working on those.
Awesome! I'm going on the hunt for the reskins >
Oooh can we have some spooky scary music to go along with it?
That sounds like a good idea, can't really make the music myself though (I suck at it) but if you know anyone that may want to do it, that would be great.
not bad, how about some creepy music tracks?
hey! Nice job with these! Sone small criticism though... you really need to fix the perspective on the Dark Wood's walls, they look like they are flat along the floor.

Other than that, nice job!
Ok, I think I made those walls better now.
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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