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The Binding of Guppy: Rebirth
Isaac starts as Guppy
Created 5 years ago
This mod simply lets Isaac start as Guppy.

You have the following items as start item:
Guppy's Collar
Guppy's Hairball
Guppy's Head
Guppy's Tail
Paper Clip

It even changes the look and the name of Isaac
in the character select menu.


x 11

- Isaac now holds Guppy's Tail

- Isaac now holds the Paper Clip

This mod contains:
The Mod Doesent Work, Im Just Using REBIRTH Tho, Is That A Problem? Other Than That It Looks Good, Just trying to find mods for Rebirth that work on rebirth.
well.. i dont know if your interested anymore...
but im planning on starting to work on this mod again
very good and helpful mod. GG!
Why the paper clip? XD
Also should do this for every transformation such as lord of the flies and Bob
I'll be honest, I always loved the guppy items, and now that I have them all, and I'm playing as "Guppy" himself, this mod is a real treat. Great job!
Thanks for ne nice feedback Love Guppy too
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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