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Invincibility Mod
You are no longer able to take damage
Created 9 years ago

This mod adds the isaac Heart to every character and redefines this familar as an passive item without unlocking conditions. Because of that you will be completely invincible.

Known Issue:
When picking up orbitals / other familiars the heart will be visible again.


x 72

- Bigger screenshots

- Fixed invincibility for The lost, eden, azazel, lazarus.

- Added an passive dry bones familiar with an extended hitbox that will protect the isaac heart from hits, when it`s visible.

Mod just straight up does not work for me
how do i know wich versoin of rebirth i have(mod does not work even tho the files are extracted in resources)
This question will probably not be answered, but why are the heart and the baby visible? and how do i fix the problem where the heart is in front of the dry baby?
Does BFFS! do anything? BTW, when I first started a run, Dry Baby and the heart were HUGE, and so were their shadows. What's up with that?
I don't think it'll be funny without dying ;)
download it. extract the content from the .zip file and put it into the resources folder
would it be ok if i make a afterbirth version for this?
if you like to do that, go ahead. but please test your mod before release and mention me somewhere
hello i used your mod in a mod pack
can I get this with no steam versn version? I don't know
If you didn't get it from Steam, where'd you get it from?
You can't. BUY IT FOR $14.99 (about 10.99 extra for afterbirth)
A awesome mod but please make it easier ;-;
am i one of the only people that hopes for this to be compadable with the binding of undertale mod?
And it's "compatible". Just for future reference.
Imagine using this mod with Mutant Spider+Ipecac+Soy Milk.
Wait a minute. Isn't this already in the game as an easter egg?
it is, but enabling the easter egg won't allow you to earn achievements
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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