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One Time Use Items
Active items can now only be used once but can be recharged.
Created 6 years ago
Afterbirth is here!

Every single activable item in the game, is now ONE TIME USE!
But don't worry, they don't dissapear, they just have a really long cooldown! (99999 rooms to be exact)
So you can still use them once again if you recharge them with a battery!

There are a few exceptions to this rules:

Coming Soon:
-Nothing, maybe bugfixes or any tweaks you guys suggest.

To install just drop into your resources folder


x 9

- Afterbirth support!

- No more exceptions sorry :(

Great mod! Forces you to play differently then you normally would. I highly recommend this mod for people who want a change in game-play.
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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