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Subnames 1.0
Descriptive and shiny
Created 5 years ago
This mod changes most of the boss names to make them look shiny, or something with a descriptive meaning.

Let me know waht you think, and if you have any suggestions let me know!


x 40

- removed the "In game graphics character menu Mod" from this mod (I am sorry too who ever made that I did not mean to use your work).

This mod contains:
HUD & Menus
That's a nice V.S sign on the first screenshot.
great work! I hope you'll continue your modding!
Yeah... What makes you think I don't know that?
Can I update this to Afterbirth please? I'll credit you.
This is great. I'd love it if it could be updated.
Gemini: The Twins
The Haunt: The Lost's obese uncle
Chub: Mother of Maggots
Adversary: The massive asshole
Nah, Massive Asshole goes to The Haunt. If you've ever seen Tear ofGrace's Lost Runs, you'll know why.
The Haunt always messes up his Lost runs haha
the haut should be Casper Wannabe and Chub should have Diabetic
Steven should say "The Time Fcuker"
Add The Haunt's subtitle as "The Lost's fucking uncle" plz.
I think Dingle's "The Pile of Shit" subname gave this an instant 10/10
January 16, 2020 - 10 months ago

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