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Tear of Grace Rant Death
(Warning: foul language) Now with Afterbirth support!
Created 6 years ago
This mod replaces the ordinary death groans with a few of Tear of Grace's rants after dying as the Lost (complete with the Wilhelm scream


x 99

- Removed the death music again, and fixed the Rebirth version.

- Added long-awaited Afterbirth support.

I need a tear of grace death sound for afterbirth+ is there a way i can convert this to afterbirth+
I'll make a version for Afterbirth+ and upload it to the workshop if the demand gets large.
I am going to assume it never happened. it was 2 years ago and you never said anything after this.
The .ogg file is fully silent, I checked, might wanna update this friend. What epside is this from?
Strange... they're all fine for me even after getting them from here. Try redownloading it.
The pants of my happiness will be forever stained
Fucking hell, this needs to be shown to TearOfGrace! You know, now that he's using mods & shit
Um how do I get it into my game? I put it in the files but it didnt work :/ Help ples
What file are you extracting and where are you extracting it to?
I am putting it into recources or what ever
What is "it"? Give me the exact file name and tell me what is inside of it.
I have the same problem.
But i did install everything properly... I think.
Is this compatible with afterbirth? I need it in my life ;-;
Unfortunately not yet... Right now I'm not sure about how I will fix it :|
You should totally add more of his rants into it and make it random which one you get
There are a total of three different rants that he can use.
plssssss tell me this is afterbirth!

-a diehard tearofgrace fan-
I'm going to try to fix it once all of the Afterbirth secrets are well known. I'd like the conspiracies and tinfoil hats to continue for now :P
Would you guys like a newer version with much, MUCH angrier rants?
We need more rants, add all of them, ALL OF THEM! EVERY SINGLE TOG RANT EVER!
That's not a very easy thing to do at all, because there are only three sound files that are used for when Isaac dies.
10/10 seal of approval, would Lost again
AAAAAUGH! Fucking hell, you absolute shit stain on the pants of my happiness, WHY?!? Augh, you little fuck bundle of bullshit! Seriously... There's me thinking "Hey." There's me thinking "Hey Ha-ha, I-I got so many good items, so early there's no way I can fuck this up and this is the golden room"-- Quad shot, Lump of coal, Little Brimstone, I mean the synergy potential in the future was fantastic. The counter potential with my allies and my followers was good enough, but no, let's throw it away by being killed by a fucking blue spider.
April 5, 2021 - 8 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.