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Diversified Treasure Rooms
Adds 200+ new treasure rooms, ranging from awful to incredible.
Created 9 years ago
This mod shakes up discovering new items by replacing all of the original treasure rooms with 204 custom ones, divided up into four different categories with different rarities. More to come in the future!

The Good

You'll find some pickups to assist you on the way, and if you're really lucky, maybe you'll even find an extra item!

The Bad

Unfortunately some enemies have beaten you to the punch, and have invaded some of the treasure rooms. Some rooms force you to pay up to receive your precious item, and other times you'll have to fight a horde of enemies or a boss to get to it. On a really bad day, you may find that some irritating mobs have stolen your item altogether!

The... Pretty?

Some rooms just happen to look nice. They're eye candy, and there's nothing wrong with a nice view!

The Good & Bad

You might come across some treasure rooms with extra treasure, but also a swarm of enemies. If you find a big boss, maybe you'll even get two items.


x 878

- Added 14 new Neutral rooms

- Updated 35 rooms with balance changes, general improvements

- Replaced 1 very rare room entirely

- Updated for Afterbirth

- Added 190 entirely new rooms

- Added a new category: Mixed

- Rarer rooms are slightly more uncommon

I remember having so much fun with this one years ago....
Not currently... possibly some day I will update for Afterbirth+ and put on the workshop.
it would be nice to have a rebirth version
I apologize if this has been asked before, but is there different versions of this mod that have only neutral rooms, or only good&bad rooms, only bad, only good, etc?
there needs to be a Rebirth version. other then that. it looks very unique
o kek me no liek eye candy it taste liek shiet but gud mod
I really like your mod. "I didn't get items from treasure rooms for three floors."
This adds excellent variety! The rooms now range from no longer just a plain item pedestal, but now from a simply pretty eye candy room to a room with two items, enemies, and a boss!
боольше РУМОВВВВ
so i installed this mod and when i went to play it all my progress was reset and i don't know why
Tfw when you get the no item room twice in a row
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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