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Just need a few more OKs
Created 5 years ago
This mod makes some of the Vs. names have a cool effects, like glowing, driping, and more.

Others have they're own sub names, if you know what that even means.

This includes:

The Cry-Baby: Isaac

The Hair-Lip: Monstro

The Twins: Gemini (Suture and Contusion)

Chub (Ms. Maggot)

???: The Blue-Baby

The Duke of Flies "I'm Duke"

If you have any requests or any changes you want to be made before the final version tell me in the comments.

Also special thanks to AzazelXEve for the name suggestion for Widow, and thanks to Spino for telling me that Chub is female and should be called Ms. Maggot, not Mr. Maggot... *Facepalm*


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Angel 1's name is Uriel and Angel 2's name is Gabriel (it says in the game files and on the wiki), could you change that? It would look way more badass
Why do I need to do that when the angels never have they're vs. screen?
Why did you even make their VS art since you know they don't have a VS screen?
It is already in the game to begin with, he didn't put it there. The VS screen for them was scrapped after making their names in the game.
Very nice! However, may I make a suggestion? Loki's title could be Mr. Cool, mainly because that was his codename.
originality, creativity, sexiness = this mod
You mean as something most recently or Doom's Mod?
Can't wait to see where this mod ends! If I get any more suggestions i'll message you on steam!
These are pretty clever. Really fits the theme of the game imo
Now make all of them say Isaac.... lel.
January 16, 2020 - 10 months ago

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