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(WIP) Subtitle and nicer VS. Names mod
Need some help
Created 5 years ago
This is very work in progress mod, basically the idea is to make the bosses and character vs look cooler, and give the bosses a subtitle.


The Hair-lip: Monstro

The Baby-Demon: Loki

The lil Larries: Larry JR

The Pile: Gurdy

If you have any suggestions for the others feel free to put them in the comments


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This mod contains:
i once tried to reskin the Names, it ended up being harder than i though.
Yours looks beautiful sir.
I really like the idea, my personal favourites are the Gish and Eden, simple but looking amazing. Also, it says "Mr. Maggot" next to Chub, doesn't it? I don't know if you are aware but Ed has said that Chub is, in fact, a female like Gurdy, Lust etc. so you might want to change that to like... "Ms. Maggot"...?
Well yeah... but the concept art for Chub said her subtitle was "Mr. Maggot" so I went with it, but know I know for a fact that Chub is a female (which know that I think about it that should of already been apparent because of her posthumous form "Carrion Queen") I will change it in the final version to "Ms. Maggot".

By the way got any cool subtitles for anything else?
lol, this is a cool mod!!!! likeeee
Maybe for Widow it could be "The Heartbroken" as a real life widow (Not the spider) is someone who had their relationship partner pass away.
Mod looks good so far!
January 16, 2020 - 10 months ago

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