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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Boss Health Bar
Wild Larry Jr's appeared.
Created 7 years ago
I think this is my favorite health bar I've done so far.

If you like it you could click that heart thing. You don't need to but it be nice.

You could also leave a comment/feedback but lets be honest, why would you. I mean you got better things to do like play rebirth or... Anything else.


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This mod contains:
HUD & Menus
very creative, i like it... is it afterbirth+ compatible?
Lol. Nice. This kind of thing would be amazing if there was even more Pokemon themed visual mods that you could use at the same time.
It's simple but charming and really hits the feels
It's simple but charming and really hits the feels
Noice. That was all I was gonna say but I need more text.
I love this, could it be improved by having the bar change from green > yellow > red when nearing 50% and 25% hp respectively?
Is there a way to make the health bar turn yellow and red after the boss's health decreases?
It looks amazing! 9/10
Would crossover again.
9/10 the level of the boss should have been over 9000
Yay for more Pokemon in Isaac Looks sweet, man, I love it. Now if only there was a way to make separate health bars for all the bosses so you could have their names displayed above the bar itself. One can dream
That would be so cool if that was possible.
afterbirth + is still on it's way! anything is possible (I hope)
Ruby Sapphire*.
Now i see something like this, it would be cool as hell if someone make a pokemon isaac hack. It would be cool as hell
Yes it would be cool, since there are a lot of items in the Pokemon series that would fit in the game. For example, twisted spoon would be spoon bender. Also,
Oh yes, youre right. The way you've edited it looked like Ruby and Sapphire's one
They do look similar. The only differences are the color and the arrow on the side pointing toward the Pokemon, other than that their the same looking.
Yeah, the only hp bar i remembered was the platinum one.
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