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Color Splash!
Adds some color to blood!
Created 8 years ago
Have you thought that you needed a extra color splash on blood?
Have you thought that blood was dull, but never really figured out what would make it better?
Introducing, Color Splash by Albert Einstein (On Crack!)
This new modification adds new, amazing color to that dull blood!
Bosses now bleed blue!
Enemies seem to squirt out green!
The remaining red is erm, still dull
Buy it now for 19.99,
We are throwing in a special offer!
If you call now, you will receive it for FREE!
I mean it, call now so you can receive it for FREE!
Just call 1-800-COLORZZ!


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This mod contains:
I always liked your mods
They are very creative
Thanks, nice to see some good comments, I always thought some of them had little to no effort but it's always good to see some people enjoy them
Is it possible to make the color random? So it's really colorfull?
Not that I know of, But I can take a peek at the .xml files and .amn2 files to figure out something.
I was going for a infomercial approach on the description. Glad you like it!
What mod did you use to make the item rooms have multiple items? C:
Oh, it was made by myself, If you want, I can release it.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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