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Reversal Mod
Start in basement with chest enemies, work your way backwards
Created 5 years ago
Start in the basement with 2 random upgrades, 1 random trinket and 1 random card/rune, upgrade rooms are practically useless, (only containing bad items) and bosses are normal, (being a relief from the crushing difficulty on earlier floors, and more crushing difficulty on later floors, enemies and rooms in the basement and cellar are taken directly from chest and dark room, and chest enemies and rooms are from the basement, also reworks the ??? fight.

NOTE: this mod is hard, you have been warned!


x 18

....I Didn't Even Try It Yet.....It Looks Cool Though!
Any future Afterbirth plus compatibility?
It looks like a sucide but quite funny
This sounds a lot like the new challenge, but maybe better balanced. Haha.
'Bassackwards' but much more legit

Well thats unexpected but too well :'v
Cool idea... but it's being a little buggy and won't start up the actual run.
Wow! Very fun mod! Had some difficulty beating it but one run I came across Epic Fetus! It was super fun! Thanks for making it Conga
I had this idea for a while but never bothered to do it..
Expect you actually started in the chest/darkroom and made your way to the basement/cellar
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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