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Combustible Enemies
Improves some graphics, edits characters, +100 rooms, more blood
Created 5 years ago
This mod makes most enemies explode into massive amounts of blood/guts when killed, it also changes some sprites,
adds +100 new rooms, changes some characters, adds some new challenges and adds some of the music from the original Isaac.


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- Adds some of the music from the original Isaac.

- Fixed bug where only bad items would spawn on the chest.

- Changed the color of the black heart depletion animation.

- Changed the color of the rune usage animations.

- Fixed impossible room in the basement.

- Added +50 new rooms.

- Fixed a basement room that was way to hard.

- New charge bar texture.

- More detailed boss health bar.

- Minimap no longer has borders.

- Fixed rare crash when playing as Lazarus or Cain.

- Added 3 new challenges.

- Cain and Lazarus now have unique loading screen images.

- Fixed rare bug where Cain would float after picking up an item.

- Fixed bug where Lazarus had Samson's items.

- Fixed bug where pills would change color when picked up.

- completely changed 2 characters.

- character select screen now displays correct items.

- added more rooms.

- rebalanced item rooms.

- Boss rush no longer crashes

- more rooms

This mod contains:
Room Pack
Yos should update this to Afterbirth Plus
So, permanent BLOOOOOODY and more rooms? For such a simple mod it's pretty awesome!
you did good for your first mod but could you separate the mod I'm sure it would not take long,Thanks
Good Job Dude I Like It
and does this work on afterbirth?
I know this mod is all over the place, the main reason why is that it is my first mod, and I mainly just wanted to learn how to to different things, like, for instance, changing music in the game and/or adding more blood and gore.
This mod is kinda all over the place. It might be wise to separate the basic "Combustible enemies mod" from your new rooms and stuff and release it as another mod.

Also, was adding original isaac music necessary? There's already a mod that adds all of it to the game.
Didn't enemies already explode into blood and guts?
This is just new rooms.
this multiplies the amount that they explode by like x20
enemy? oh you mean the guy who is COATING THE ROOM
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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