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Pixelated Characters
gives all characters less pixels
Created 5 years ago

Replaces the following textures:
- Isaac
- Magdelene
- Cain
- Judas / black judas
- Eve
- samson
- azazel
- eden + all hair styles
- The lost
- lazarus

Coming up:
- all item skins pixelated ;)
- maybe all textures of the game if you guys want


x 8

- Added the first 60 pixelated Item-Costumes

All these great rebirth mods...and I can't play them
are they meant to jumble up on an item pick up?
no this mod is outdated and therefore only for rebirth.
They look awful... Just... awful.
Its for people who want a more retro look.
I'm not a big fan of the blue baby, I think it's because of his teeth
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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