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Sins mod
Play like a sin
Created 8 years ago
Feature List:

*Chaged Isaac to Greed: Inner Eye, Money=Power, Midas Touch, Piggy bank, Steam Sale, Magic fingers
*Changed Magdalene to Gluttony: Brimstone, Isaac Tears
*Changed Cain to Pride: Anarchist CookBook, Loki's Horns, Technology 1
*Changed Judas to Sloth: Ipecac, Leech
*Changed Eve to Lust: The virus, The Wafer, Mom's Eyeshadow
*Changed Samson to Wrath: Dr Fetus, Pyromaniac
*Changed lazarus tu Envy: Lots of Heads, Trascendence
*Changed items and some audio

Screenshots In-Game:

Ask everything you want, i talk English - Spanish


x 110

- Added Aries to Lust

- Less Envy Heads

- Removed Pyromaniac to Wrath

- Added Pyromaniac to Sloth

add lust uncon stump and blindfolded
When I play with the mod my game crashes. I have afterbirth. Help?
Hey uh I'm working on a updated version of this Mod..It'll be after birth compatible, I'll give you full credit for the mod!!
Can you turn the Keeper into Ultra Greed and Lilith into Ultra Pride?
Do you mean Super Greed? Your saying the final boss of Greed Mode. (Or Greedier, but there's Ultra Greedier)
how do i download??? where do i put it??
mod mod mod mod good good good good
Hola,creo que llegue tarde xD pero alguien me lo uede pasar al mod es que no me lo deja descargar por aquĆ­!
hey dude we really awesome of you can put the Super sins in this mod with a Special item for the sins of them when you use it we desappear or Recharge the item they really we be awesome
i like this mod i really like how you made envy
Can somebody help me? I con install most of the mods, but the ones with this format (like a blank page) I don't know how to install them. I'd really appreciate some help.
To install things like that right click on the file then send it to a compressed ZIP folder. Then proceed as normal.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!