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Zelda Item Pickup
Changes the default Item pickup sound
Created 7 years ago
Another request from the Modding of Isaac mod request thread for the Reddit user AuroraFlareYT.

Edit: I'm also open for requests! Just comment and ill try to get it done


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- Works after like 6 months

hello beautifull, im getting back into isaac after 2 years of not playing, i'm here back to reinstall this one
this is just a general question for modding audio, im having a general issue with my audio files being really low in the game how do i fix this? also is it the audio file or is the game altering it?
I'm no expert in modding (or even that good TBH), but the quick and simple fix would to just be increasing the volume of the audio file with an external tool.
Doesn't seem to work for me. I've extracted the files and replaced every item collection sound file I have with this file and still get the default sound. I guess Afterbirth changed sound files in some way.
Once the new patch for the website comes out, I'll be able to fix it. Until then, manually create a folder inside the SFX folder named "feedback" then put the "power up1" inside of it.
That's got it mostly fixed for me. I doesn't quite seem to work for every pedestal though. It's working fine for standard treasure room items,but after spending some time rerolling pickups into gold chests to farm powerups I realized the rerolled items still used the default powerup sound. Dunno for sure if it's a game limitation or just a separate sound file.
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