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The Binding of Legends
Play as Legendary Pokemon!
Created 9 years ago
The Binding of Legends v1.0 by Spino a.k.a. SpinoOne

One day I was like:
"Isaac's pretty sweet but do you know what it's lacking? Some Pokemon action."

And yes, I do talk to myself.
So here it is, the result of my longer-than-it-should've-ever-taken work: The Binding of Legends!





* 11 new characters, listed below,
* All of the cards have been changed (have fun guessing, lol),
* New Pokemon-related items,
* Some Pokemon-related trinkets,
* 2 new bosses, which I was basically forced to add T_T
* A few new rooms in the Chest & the Dark Room (the latter now has guaranteed items),
* Improved angel deals/rooms, 100% chance to contain an item,
* More attractive super secret rooms,
* Harder Boss Rush (if you love challenges, you can now go there and fight almost every boss in the game, excluding Satan, Isaac, etc.)
* ...As well as some other minor changes!


Meet the characters:

* Kyogre: starts with his jar of tears and Aquarius. Seriously, if you have got any ideas what I could give him, that would be greatly appreciated.
* Groudon: starting items - Earthquake, he also has the ability to walk over spikes (Groudon's Claw trinket) and crush rocks.
* Rayquaza: replaces The Lost. Need I say more? Well, to balance it out, she starts with Piercing Shots, 9 extra lives and BFFS!, since you know... Rayquaza... calming Groudon and Kyogre... friends... heh...
* Dialga: his starting equipment consists of his signature move, The Roar of Time and an Iron Bar, for he's a steel type.
* Palkia: she's completely random. Not that she replaces Eden or anything of that sort.
* Arceus: starts with The Relic, Judgement and The Mind, once you unlock it, of course. She can also respawn as Dark-type Arceus, with higher damage and speed than usual, using the Dread Plate.
* Giratina: starting items consist of Dark Matter, Giratina's Crown (guaranteed Devil Deals) and her signature move, Shadow Force.
* Reshiram: starts with Flaming Tears and immunity to explosions. At first I wanted to give her the item Blue Flare as well, but that would be an overkill. You can buy it in the shop for 15 cents tho.
* Zekrom: his starting items are the Magnet, the Battery and his signature move, Bolt Strike.
* Kyurem: starts with the ability to freeze opponents with random tears, and his own signature move in Glaciate.
* Hoopa: this guy replaces Azazel, and the only item he starts with is his beloved Hyperspace Hole.





If you find any bugs, report them in the comments.
If you have any suggestions, please tell me ;-;
I do have some plans for things like different sets of characters, and I'm currently thinking how I could possibly implement missing major legendaries (Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde) to the mod. I might also replace familiars with different Pokemon but we'll cross this bridge when we come to it. Which is like now.



Thank you to:
- Me for making the mod L: ,
- YOU for downloading it!

Have fun!


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This mod contains:
Room Pack
New Bosses
Cheats & Tweaks
No wooper, where is my favorite legendary pokemon?
I'm having troubles using this mod. I'm placing the contents of the mod into the mod folder and turning it on but the mod doesn't seem to be taking effect
Have you thought about adding (my personal favorite) Lugia?
is this suppose to be for rebirth, afterbirth or afterbirth+ because when i try to install the mod into the game, the game crashes on start up
why you gotta go and do this on such a wholesome mod post dude >
you are the only one that cares this person made a mod and you have the audacity to correct them on something that doesn't even matter
Scuse me, someone can halp me to install the mod ?
it is not working for me help please
This is literally the only mod i can get to work so i guess by default it's the best mod i've played. but it's pokemon so i dont doubt it can hold that title even if i figure out what im doing wrong
tnx a lot you could add pewkachu
Do you think you could add Xerneas/Yvteal for the forgotten, and maybe Lunala and Sugalio? (I dunno how to spell Sun's legendary). Either way, I love this mod! I hope it goes up on the steam workshop soon. (Forgive me if it already is and im stupid)
31318 it made me delete my gfx folder and i dont know what i do so help me fix it
i finally fixed my game like two weeks ago cuz of the "godmode" mod now this comes and dose the same thing
worst mod ever it made my game not work anymore >
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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