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Familiar sunglasses
This mod gives sunglasses to almost all of the familiars
Created 5 years ago
Have you ever thought: "My familiars aren't fresh enough"?


Well too bad, because they are not fresh enough.
Luckily, this mod makes almost all of the familiars super fresh by giving them sunglasses.

How to install? Just extract the downloaded .rar file in your resources folder!


x 30
Seems really cool. I'd get it, but this doesn't seem to be made for AB+.
Do You still support this mod? You could add this to Afterbirth plus
Honestly best mod on the whole site
Good mod dude also can you buy me free games ok ty
Wow. Well done. (I`m not sarcastic )
This mod is swag and fresh
Dank Bum is my fav
Amazing. Isaac has never had so much swag

Glad you like it, though
Perfect. Can't say anything else.
It's finally time for my Demon-Turret Baby to do some sick drive-bys.
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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