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The Trolling of Isaac
Created 6 years ago
WARNING: This mod is designed to make you mad and angry!
WARNING2: Play the mod first before reading the comments to avoid spoilers!

What is this?

It's a trolling mod that replaces some visuals to trick you. I can't say what exactly it changes because it will spoil the fun. So when installing please try not looking in the files.

The best advice I can give you when playing the mod is to don't trust what you see and be cautious.



x 22

- Afterbirth compatibility (Rebirth version still included).

- More trolling!

Looks like fun... Wait so is it Afterbirth compatible?
Not yet really. I will update when I get the chance.
Cool! I will try it when I get the chance!
Can I use this in a video for YT it's gonna be a Modding of Isaac vid about an hour long that ok? P.S I know I'm late to this mod.
Did a Vidya on this :P
You are such a cruel person.... You switched Dead Cat and Dark Cloak.... Y THO!
soy milk looks like soymilk confirmed
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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