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The crying of Isaac
Want a faster shot speed?
Created 9 years ago
I know this might be a lame and small mod but if you think Isaac and his friends have a small shot speed, then download this mod! I ran out of ideas for more mods besides adding more rooms so I made this! Crying is included in:
-The Lost

This mod is also something to make The Binding Of Isaac feel more sad if you wanted it too! Also leave comments on what you want me to add that is sad! It is a mod also with the community!

Ya I ran out of Ideas for the description so plz look at my youtube channel Jabob Gaming for more Isaac mods and some other games!
The instructions are easy just drag the note from the folder into your Isaac resorces folder!

P.S. Make sure to check out my other fun mods!


x 7

- Addes Eden And The Lost (YAY All charcters)

- More sadness with Sad Bombs!

- Addes Eve, Samson, and BlueBaby

- Addes Even more sadness with torn photo!

- Again another Isaac Crash Glitch Fix

- Fixed Crash Glitch

- Fixed Stompy Glitch

This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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