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Rupees for coins
Replaces coins with rupees!
Created 8 years ago
HUD included!


x 79

- Improved HUD a bit

This mod contains:
Green Rupee = 1
Blue Rupee = 5
Red Rupee = 10
(Games may vary)
They are even a little better than coins
Any future plans to add this to afterbirth Plus?
8/14/16 Afterbirth, Rupees show as half then glitch out
well the hud change works. That's kind of nice.
Please make it for afterbirth. The first time I lauched afterbirth the coins were freaking out
I'll make these when Afterbirth+ comes out. It's currently impossible to do because the sprite sheet for coins is way too small.
where will i put this mod in what folder i mean?
Will this be ported to Afterbrith?
I'll try, the sprite sheets for coins are a bit smaller now so they'll have to be changed a bit
I've tried to port it myself to the new sprite sheet format. I could send it to you if you don't mind
Or I might upload it here if I get permission to do so
here you go
This is looking great. Sorry for the stupid question, but is it disabling achievments?
I don't think it disables achievements as long as you have the current version
The mod really gives me the vibes to play zelda again!
this mod is cool beacause i'm a fan of all the zelda games
I love it. I wish someone would make a huge Zelda mod similar to The Binding of Mario.
i love this mod sooo much... but one problem is the fact that trinket items and money related items are still dollars or cents... so i made a patch myself to fix these textures... can i get your permission to do this?

(sorry for my english. i'm from chile)
I don't mind. In fact, thank you for creating a patch!
Sorry if I'm a bit rude here but I just don't like the sprites they're better than what I can do but still just seem off...
Great mod regardless!
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!