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Golden Modpack
lots of things are now golden
Created 7 years ago
Tinted rocks are gold, courtesy of JME

Eternal hearts are now gold, courtesy of tentaclecuddles

Beggar skulls are now golden,Magnetic Tears are now golden, samson's chains are now golden, teeth are now golden and many more ,courtesy of Leg-LockedHeave-Ho
Item pedestals are now golden, courtesy of Leg-lockedheave-ho

Goldenisaac turns isaac gold, courtesy of AlbertEinsteinOnCrack

Doors are now gold courtesy of Index154
part of another mod

Note: I will not reply to hate comments
Note: This mod is still up because some of the modders have removed their mods and I can't do anything about it.


x 8

- Mom's knife is now golden

- 3 more gold mods from Leg-LockedHeave-Ho

- Link to him/her


- added golden teeth

- Golden doors

- Added Golden Magnetic Tears

- forgot to update files

- Samson's chains are now golden

- Added golden isaac mod

- added gold pedestals

This mod contains:
Items & Trinkets
General Gameplay
Hey you can use the doors of my mod here if you want.
I've posted a new golden mod ! You can add it
I have more coming. Stay tuned !
im completely fine with my mods being used for packs and things like this as long as i get properly mentioned as the creator, but at-least asking or letting me know next time would be greatly appreciated
And once again you are stealing mods. When will you learn to do shit by yourself?
He may steal mods, but at least they go into a satisfying mudpack.
@AlbertEinsteinOnCrack you say that as if it negates stealing. look, it's best to ask the creator permission before using their mod in a modpack. it's incredibly rude and disrespectful to take others' creations and pass them off as your own without permission.
"pass them off as your own"

Tinted rocks are gold, COURTESY OF JME
I'm just being a jerk because I'm the only one that actually submitted a mod to contribute to this.
saying 'courtesy of' without really asking permission isn't permission at all. and you submitted a mod because you were the ONLY one who asked. the rest of the people were never asked. no one gave permission to have their mods in this modpack. it is theft.
Just ask to take it off, how hard can it be?
i submitted a comment telling the creator to ask for my permission for the use of my mod. but seeing the attitudes i'm getting, i doubt i'll be getting anywhere here.
Excuse me, but I am making a Golden Isaac Mod very soon, would you like to use it on your mod when I finish it?
Okay, be aware that there is a chance that my mod will be unfinished and will take a few updates to fully get the golden experience.
P.S. I just finished the How to Jump animations, 1/8 of the walking animations, and the particles right now, I am currently working on the head
dang it, my brother refreshed it, let me try again
Your mod should be in the modpack now
excuse me but please ask for my permission before using my mod. thanks.
It's not like you did amazing work anyway.
no need to be rude, alright. either way, it's still my work and using it in another mod without asking me is pretty unfair to me.
Please get permission from the original authors before posting packs like this.
April 10, 2022 - 2 months ago
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