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Basement Expansion
Want a bigger challenge In The Basement? Want to be OP?
Created 6 years ago
This is another expansion mod I have made. The other one is Chest Expansion. This mods adds over 150-200 new rooms! (I was too lazy to count! XD) This is a fun mod with alot of new basement challenges. From 1 fly to 2 double flies! From 1 beggar, to an entire arcade! If you don't know how to install this mod here is the link. But this is the tutorial on how to install my mod OP Run the only think you have to change is when I tell you to change the file name to 00.spcial rooms.stb, change it to 01.basement.stb and it will edit the basement. Like I said in my other mods if you think this is too difficult I would recomend downloading my OP Run mod.


My other mods

OP Run:
Chest Expansion:

Thank You


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- Fixed Logging Glitch

This mod contains:
Room Pack
May I have help?
The OP Run,Chest Expansion,Or Basement Expasion do not work.
can anyone help me this mod overwrites another mod that i have (Varying special rooms mod) I dont know what to do?
you need to download varying special rooms first, then install that, and then you need to install basement expansion, then install that and click on anything saying overwrite. boom! you're good.
I gotta try this with the BASEMENT seed!
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.