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Boss Hell
Extended boss rush.
Created 7 years ago
Adds every standard boss to the boss rush, totaling up to 24 waves from the original 15. Also adds a few room variants for the boss rush.


x 14
This mod contains:
Room Pack
I took an item from the boss rush room, and no bosses showed up. The second item just appeared in the middle of the room.
Are you trying to play this mod with Afterbirth installed?
Yep. (Adding this because my comment needs more text.)
Instead, there should be a SUPER BOSS RUSH for beating Blue Baby or The Lamb in under 40 or 45 minutes! (stays open if you leave the room) then, you would fight this extended boss rush as a warm up on a new floor. THEN you would fight The Lamb and Blue Baby at the same time, and when you beat THEM, THEN you fight Hush, Ultra Greed, and Mega Satan at the same time! overkill? probably.
Super great duper nice kek
ps. its real nice mod
Well I'll pass, I'll rather live longer
ill give this a go but how can you survive 24 waves if your just half of the best player you can be the way that was supposed to be a joke ....get it?
Since boss rush is a lot harder, I think you should get a choice between 8 item pedastals instead of 4 though that's just me.
I'd say just 6 as it only adds 9 waves
I agree. Not everyone is going to get godlike runs to do this.
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