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Want Free wins Or Just Be OP? This Mod Is For You
Created 6 years ago
This mod is so op. You start off with 3 items every floor and in every item room you get 2-10 Items!!!!!!!

This mod is for people who are bad at the game or people who want free wins!


-Over 100+ New Items Rooms
-3 Random Items On Start Of Each Floor
-2-10 Items In Each Items Room
-Over 30+ New Cursed Rooms
-12 New Sacrifice Rooms
-New Boss Rooms
-50+ New Devil And Angel Rooms
-20+ BlackMarkets
-6 New Error Rooms
-18 New Secret Rooms
-23 New Super Secret Rooms
- Lots Of Fun Runs

Video Tutorial:


x 47

- New Cursed Rooms

- 1 New Item Room

- Description Change

This mod contains:
Room Pack
Cheats & Tweaks
uh the download video is not working/available for me

Poorly made and the way you made it is simple i pretty much have the exact same mod on my profile but at least its easier to download!
You shouldn't have a tutorial if fact you should have made it a simple download, in my opinion you could have done these a lot better
How the hell did this get over 50 downloads?
I'm personally playing for fun after getting true platinum god by myself.
Do you mean over 150 downloads ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Maybe you can leave an alternative download of a modified [rooms.a] folder?
I cant modify the rooms.a file :/ sorry!
it does not seem to be working
I did..but whenever i try to drag the rooms.a folder it says Rebirth unpacker has stopped working
Im Sorry! It might not work on ur computer! :/
Maybe you can actually turn the file name in to 00.specialrooms file name and put the file in to a folder :P
Instead of ruining both your skill and your experience, I'd suggest you play the game.
Learn from your mistakes, make better choices, get better at dodging/choice making and have a lot more play time along with a better experience.
OR, finish platinum god and play this mod for fun
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.