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Clearer Item Descriptions
Clearer Item Descriptions
Created 8 years ago

Haven't got the rebirth version anymore.
Afterbirth+ currently not supported as I really cannot be bothered to buy it, I've heard it's pretty terrible, maybe in the future I shall.


x 1157

- Fixed some more item descriptions being too long

- Fixed runes and cards not showing their effect

- Fixed some item's descriptions being too long

- MASSIVE Afterbirth update

- Changes Some Pill Descriptions To Be Clearer.

- Fixed Items Going Off Screen

- Fixed Typing mistakes

- Clearer Items.

- Fixed Some Items Going Of The Screen.

- More Mistakes.

- Runes And Tarot Cards Are Now Modded To Be Clearer!

- Fixed Spelling Mistakes.

- Fixed Grammar.

- Fixed Items Not Being Clearer!

- More Items Are Clearer

- Fixed A Few Spelling Mistakes

- Clearer Item descriptions,more Items are clearer.

I know this is rather late but I actually think afterbirth is a pretty solid add-on
Crashed my game going into a treasure room.
Same man, same! On Rebirth, no other mods and DLC
чёт не работает
I don't understand what this means,can you describe it clearer?
How do you use WinZip to get the mods to work?
My game crashed when I went to the Gold Room
sorry but how do i install this?
Hope you will make a AB+ version soon.
Dunno if I'm gonna bother with that ,if it means I have to rebuy it or something, also heard that Afterbirth+ isn't very good anyway.
they've hammered out all the bugs now, so its great I highly recommend it while u get the discount
No. It's whrite on the description.
Sick. Helpful not having to get some item site on your second monitor. Thx
I may just be an idiot, but how do I download version 4 or below? I swap to on the drop down list, but it always downloads version 5.2. Version 5.2 crashes mine, so I want to use an older one.
Yeah same, how do we download version 4?
Should just show on the drop downbox,click Version 4 then download.
This actually doesn't work.. Keeps downloading 5.2. Can you upload it somewhere else and share the link?
Rip, just tried it and you're right, it doesn't work.
Sadly I don't have the rebirth version saved as I made that when I was on my old computer.
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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