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Treasure & Curse Rooms++
A cheat mod
Created 9 years ago

/!\ Cheat mod /!\
With this mod at V1.0, treasure rooms and curse rooms have more pedestal items.
At the latest version,
- Treasure rooms have more pedestal items (around 4 or 5)
- Curse rooms are special (see the screenshots) but very cool
- Boss rush rooms are improved (more pedestal items and stuff on the ground)
- Arcade rooms always have a gold key and a gold chest
- Angel rooms always have two 10$ coins
- Devil-deal rooms are improved
- Sacrifice rooms have more hearts on the ground
- Isaac's rooms have two beds
- Error rooms improved
- Item dungeons always have one pedestal item

See the screenshots for, in order, a boss rush room, a curse room, a devil-deal room, a sacrifice room and a treasure room.

This modis obviously for winning easily the game, so I suggest you to use it after getting all the achievements, just for having more fun.
If you have any questions, comments are below.

How to install :
Use a mod loader, or unpack the downloaded file and put "rooms" into the "ressources" folder in your Isaac files.

Wow, thanks for the over 2400 downloads and 200 likes

Hey, a rebirth version is available !
It's at version 2.8.
(Please forget the 2.8.5)
The link


x 208


- Tried to update to Afterbirth

- Item dungeons now always have one pedestal item

- Isaac's rooms now have two beds,

- Error rooms improved.

- Devil-deal rooms improved,

- Sacrifice rooms have more hearts on the ground.

- Arcade rooms always have a gold key and a gold chest,

- Angel rooms always have two 10$ coin.

- Boss rush is now improved (more pedestal items and stuff),

- Curse rooms are less cheated (see the screenshots),

- And... surprise! Test the mod to know.

I love the treasure rooms but no the curse rooms, the curse rooms are a bit TOO op.
Can you upgrade this mod for Antibirth please ?
I'll try. Actually i'll first install Antibirth.
Hey, Lefra. Have you actually done the Antibirth one?
So many op item mods on this site...
Hey guys ! Afterbibrth version is here
With a fresh and new mod description.
You should make it compatible with Afterbirth, many people are hyped for that.
Read "Version 2.8.5"
-Tried to update to Afterbirth
- Item dungeons now always have one pedestal item
Sorry, i still don't have Basement Renavator :/
Now that there is mod support for afterbirth my patience is running thin
Sorry for your patience, but the mod is fixed !
waiting for afterbirth compatibility until then i am very excited to play with this
it's already compatible Idk what your talking about
Sorry, I know it has been months but now it's ok !
Ok, I can't work with the new .std files, i need the update of Basement Renovator first.
Sorry guys !
NOoOoOoo... I think it does not work for Afterbirth, sorry, I'm trying !
please lefra, my body is literally getting sick of not being able to beat the living sh*t out of the HUSH
Now, months later maybe, you can beat Hush using this mod ;)
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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