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Enhanced Explosions
Increases the overall quality of the default explosion audio.
Created 9 years ago
I thought the original explosions sounded a little weak. This mod improves the quality of the sound of bomb and boss explosions, as well as the crumbling of rocks which mixes well together when you decide you need to start exploding some rocks.


x 102

- Fixed download file

This mod contains:
General Gameplay
dang it sounds so good! maybe you could fix up more sounds... like the brimstone lasers. they sound like boiling jello to me lol
Does someone know of a mod for the visual of explosions ? I would fit nicely with this
Will this work in Afterbirth? Or did they move around the files for explosions for no reason?
Jeez,man! where ever you got the sounds,you're Great!
They sound so epic and rewarding for blowing up stuff C:
My inner bomberman thanks you for this.
.zip has brimstone files, not explosion files.
The zip I downloaded has the enhanced brimstone sound effects, no the explosion ones.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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