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Alt Game Over Screen
You're going to hell. Live with it. Game Over
Created 7 years ago
Based off of this post:

Note: this makes item icons invisible, so the item list in the stats menu is invisible, sorry!


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This mod contains:
HUD & Menus
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This makes playing (dying) as the lost fun. Thanks!
Kinda sadistic, but definitely funny
This mod is bae. 11/10 IGN - Good...
You don't actually need to make the item icon textures themselves invisible, you just need to modify the .anm2 file for the game over screen. Here:
That's so mean... i love it!
Fits to the binding of Issac feeling, but you can go to Hell when you are alive (Satan & the Lamb).
Alright...This Is hilarious as f___
This looks absolutely hilarious.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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