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Birth of the Lamb
New character
Created 7 years ago
Feature List:

-A new character, the Lamb! (It replaces the Lost, starts with Aries, Dark Matter and Holy Mantle.)
-New Boss rooms for Blue Baby, Isaac, Satan and the Lamb. (Will need some balancing)
-Missing bosses added to the boss rush! (Except final bosses)
-Dark Room chests are now Stone Chests!
-And some secrets!


x 33

- 'Spiders!'

- Cellar floor revamp (150+ new rooms)

- New Rooms for Cellar bosses.

- The new boss rush design now works.

- Tweaked The Adversary Double Trouble boss room.

- Tweaked the 'reroll' Error Room.

- Tweaked one of The Lamb boss room.

- Tweaked the 2*1 Treasure room.

- Added a larger devil room.

- Added a new Curse room.

- Added a new Library room.

- Added 2 new Chest rooms, both of them have one of the Key Piece items.

- Tweaked the Dark room spawn room.

- Tweaked the Chest spawn room.

- The Lamb image on the char select screen has been tweaked.

- The Lamb image on the secrets has been tweaked.

- The Lamb now starts with the Curved Horn trinket.

- Reworked some of Utero's wall background.

- Utero now has only 3 wall background.

- Tweaked Cellar, Shop, Library, Secret Room, Caves, Catacombs, Womb, Utero and Chest walls.

- Tweaked some lines of the rules card.

- Removed and added some lines to the fortune teller.

- The Rules card description now is 'A card to rule them all'.

- The Joker card description now is 'Welcome to Hell!'.

- The Chaos card description now is 'Nothing will survive'.

- Experimental Treatment description now is 'Random upgrades... and downgrades'.

- Mom's Heart and It Lives HP has been buffed (950 => 1450).

- Chubbers' projectile now only do 0.5 damage.

- Bloat and Peep's eyes now have a smaller hitbox.

- Added a new monster! 'Two Teeth', behaves like a normal 'One Tooth' but is a bit faster and has way more hp!

- Dead Sea Scrolls no longer is in the angel room pool.

- Habit no longer is in the angel room pool.

- Little Steve no longer is in the normal boss pool.

- Added Blood of the Martyr to the angel room pool.

- Added Steven to the golden chest pool.

- Added Cursed Eye to the devil room pool, costs 1 heart.

- Added Leech to the devil room pool, costs 1 heart.

- Added Black Candle to the devil room pool, costs 1 heart.

- Fixed Lil' Brimstone devil room price, now is 2 hearts as intended.

- Added 2 new Challenges: Full Control and Sir Isaac.

- Removed the 2 red pixels of the No Body challenge on the to do list.

- Added Champion variation to Dingle, Gurglings and Mega Satan! (More like a joke for now).

- 'The Basement has appeared in the Basement?!'

- Basement floor revamp. (150+ new rooms!)

- Added mod credits to the credits.

- 2 new challenges! (BRAINS and No Body)

- The rare 'Free' shop now only gives 2 items and the donation machine no longer is in the room.

- Sacrifice room now has a new purpose.

- Angel rooms no longer give hearts at all.

- The 3 Red chest devil deal now is a 2 red chest 1 deal room.

- The 'Brimstone' Treasure room no longer have red fire.

- Added a new 'spike' Treasure room.

- Added a new 'reroll' Error room.

- Added 2 new Dice room.

- Added a new Chest room.

- Added a new Boss Rush room.

- Changes to the boss rooms of Satan, The Lamb, Isaac, and Blue Baby.

- Cain now starts with virgo.

- Cain now starts with only 1 heart container and 1 black heart.

- Virgo no longer gives a visual effect.

- Lazarus now starts with the suicide king card.

- Azazel now starts with only 1 black heart.

- New Double Trouble boss room in the caves for Famine, Steven and Fistula.

- New Double Trouble boss room in the womb for War, Monstro 2, Gish, The Adversary and The Mask of Infamy.

- New Double Trouble boss room in the depths for Pestilence, CHAD, Carrion Queen.

- New boss rooms for Monstro, Larry Jr, Duke of Flies, Gemini, Steven, Dingle and Gurglings.

- The Womb/Utero 2 Devil/Angel room no longer leads to Sheol/Cathedral.

- New messages for the rules card and the fortune teller.

- Mega Satan boss room is now more difficult.

- Mega Satan's HP has been buffed (Phase 1: Head(3000 -> 6000) Hands(600 -> 1200) Phase 2: Head(2000 -> 5000).

- The Lamb on the main menu now has a new and better image.

- Krampus no longer is in the boss rush.

- The Boss rush is now more rewarding.

- The Missing Poster trinket description now is 'Remind nightmares'.

- The Mysterious Paper trinket description now is 'Get your blood back!'.

- The Mom's Toenail trinket description now is 'ISAAAAAAAAAAC'.

- The Dr.Fetus item description now is 'Blow 'em up!'.

- The Key Piece 1 item description now is 'Free the real evil'.

- The Key Piece 2 item description now is 'What is behind the door?'.

- The Mystery Sack item description now is 'Random shopping'.

- The Book of Secrets item description now is 'Discover the secrets of the world'.

- The Pandora's Box item description now is 'Do not open it'.

- Mr Boom is now a 1 charge room item.

- Crack the Sky now is a 1 charge room item.

- Tammy's Head now is a 2 charge room item.

- Monster Manual now is a 1 charge room item.

- Book of Belial now is a 6 charge room item.

- D100 now is a 12 charge room item.

- Blank Card now is a 6 charge room item.

- Butter Bean now is a 0 charge room item (Still has a little cooldown).

- Dad's key now is a 3 charge room item.

- Dr Fetus no longer is a special item.

- Soy milk no longer is a special item.

- Holy Mantle now is a special item.

- Abaddon now is a special item.

- Dark Bum now is a special item.

- Lemon Mishap radius now is the same as the lemon party pill.

- Changed some of Satan and The Lamb boss rooms.

- Added a Maze treasure room.

- One of the rare shops is now rarer.

- Added new boss rooms to Satan, The Lamb and Isaac.

- Added Double Trouble(Does not show 'Double Trouble' on loading) boss room to Blue Baby(Does not work for The Lamb).

- The Haunt no longer appears in the Cellar but in the Catacombs.

- The Haunt HP is now 350.(250->350)

This is one of the good ones dude
keep the good work up!
Can I still get the lost unlocks with the lamb?
for everyone who is having issues saying the lamb isnt showing up first do you have the lost because the description says the lamb replaces the lost second of all remove all the test documents from the file those are the README.txt rules.txt fortunes.txt and changelog.txt
im pretty sure the fortunes.txt are the fortunes you get from the machine....

for some reason the lamb isnt showing up
what version of isaac do you have?
do you mind if i use this in one of my mods? you will be credited
thanks BTW credits page in game or mod page
I need to know how you would like to be credited
Could you just put the link to my mod on the mod page
can you make a custom version where azazel is replaced Instead?
I can't play it. the game just keeps crashing when I play the game.
I don't have afterbirth, so i'm not sure birth of the lamb works on it. i'll try to find out
could you tell me what error it gives you, or does it just crash. also are you using a legit version of afterbirth (non-pirated)
Im using a steam version, and it just crashes.
And how do you think I downloaded the mod if I have a pirated copy of Afterbirth which hasnt released?
if you can handle it, just use the GFX folder, then edit the character using the character editor
This mod is for rebirth, but have started work on an afterbirth version
Bosses who weren't previously in boss rush.
My god, are people actually downloading this!?
There should be a 'Report Mod' button.
Can't you idiot ask the creators to upload their mods here, if you upload those mods just for the sake of the mods being on this website?
he didnt steal he just made it that much easier to find and download i went on the reddit page and i didnt see a download anything on there
"This is not my mod"

Oh, screw you.
April 10, 2022 - 2 months ago
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