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Mega hard mode
More rewarding but even more un-forgiving
Created 6 years ago
Mega hard mode is a mod where Item rooms, shops, curse rooms, sacrifice rooms, chest rooms, boss trap rooms, mob trap rooms, arcades, dice rooms, crawl spaces and Isaac's bedrooms are all much more rewarding and some are even more dangerous, regular rooms and boss rooms are much harder with different layouts and higher numbers of enemies, there is also new music and a couple of minor sprite changes.


x 19

- Deleted some un-needed files

This mod contains:
Total Overhaul
New Floors
What the actual hell is that last picture.
afterbirth?? i dont wanna a chrash D:
I don't know, most of this mods rooms just look and feel packed so full, that it's not htat fun. Room expansion mods should bring some really ingenious room designed, not really dull rooms, which are not really fun at all. These rooms just seem boring, and really little actual effort was put into the designs. Also this mod is just torture without flight, which is a huge downgrade in room expansion mods. No thanks.
I tried with the boss rooms but to re-design that many rooms would take a very long time and lots of ideas :/ it's my first mod I didn't intend it to be serious
Yeah it's pretty hard, you need to have really op items to beat the end
I thought I would start to change some sprites to make it look cooler but after just changing the eyes I realised that it took a lot of work to re-do sprites and that you actually need to be good at art, I decided to leave it in just because I think it looks cool
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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