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A OneShot Expansion for Isaac Repentance
Created 4 months ago
Niko from OneShot has come to light up the basement and him burned is light!

Play with the charismatic Niko in the depths of Isaac's imagination, with a simple but fun character, Caring for the Sun at all times while the latter helps you on your adventure. With luck on your side you will be able to defeat any enemy that is in front of you, make your way quickly to reach your biggest nightmares, play with Niko in cooperative and support the Messiah's to fulfill his mission, the light returns to Isaac. After all, your burden is light.

Character data:

- Niko:
3 keys!

Life: 1
Soul: 2
Damage: 3.30
Speed: 1.75
Luck: 2

- Tainted Niko:
3 Bombs!
Broken LightBulb
Spectral tears
confused enemys

Life: 1
Black Soul: 2
Damage: 2.30
Speed: .75
Luck: - 2
Tears: 10

Object data:
- Lightbulb:
The Sun Card effect!
8 Charges

- Broken Lightbulb:
The Reverse Sun Card effect!
The Death card effect!
10 Charges

Hello!, I add this paragraph to notify you of the new content that will come in the big update that is coming! I hope you like the following list!

Graphic changes:
- The sprites on the title screen will be changed to replace Isaac with Niko (Curiosity, the sprite is based on Niko Plushie)
- Niko's character selection sprite was redesigned, it is now colored and looks better
- Niko's Sprite in game will be redesigned into its own hybrid style, say goodbye to Outlines!

Characters: (New characters will be added to the mod)
- Prophet Bot: The Prophet arrives in Isaac's basement to talk to the messiah Niko, with Tech-type tears he runs through the basement!
- Alula: The cute Alula will follow Niko to explore the basement! FISH!!!
- Ling: The cook from the refuge cafe arrives with his frying pan and PanCakes to cure the team and especially Niko!
- Kip: The Refuge's leading scientist arrives in the basement with tech-x to investigate it!
And there are still more!
- Proto: The Prototype arrives with revelations in Isaac's basement!
- Cedric: The author's son comes to the basement to take a trip
- Plight: Lightplighter comes to repair the basement lights with his hook!
- Silver: The strong Silver arrives in the basement to explore it like mines!

Technical changes:
- Removal of Legacy backward compatibility: The OneShot mod compatibility will be removed from the Mod for reasons of practicality in programming and administration of the MOD, I will try to upload a specific mod for Afterbirth Plus with the new graphics but maintaining the programming of the DarkLow Mod For now we will only have to use the DarkLow version for Afterbirth Plus, sorry ABP players!

- Reconstruction and rewriting of the MOD code: Thanks to our new programmer Korty, the code is being restructured and improved!

- New dependencies: This is an important point, Now the mod requires Character Costume Protector and above all Repentogon Script Extender to work, this is for technical reasons to improve the functioning of the MOD and add new content

If you want to stay informed of the progress of the mod you can follow me on Twitter as: @Kris_G_DC

Developer Notes:

This mod was originally made by steam user DarkLow TM for Afterbirth Plus, with his permission I have created an update and expansion of the mod.

The next update will bring a lot of content and some optimizations, the previously promised content will be added, and I am pleased to announce that Niko... WILL NO LONGER BE ALONE ON HIS JOURNEY THROUGH ISAAC'S BASEMENT! AND MAYBE MORE BEYOND THE LIMITS OF THE BASEMENT, Prepare for at least 7 more characters from our beloved OneShot, If you are interested in seeing the preliminary progress of the mod you can follow me on my Twitter: @Kris_G_DC, You will also have my drawings and news from NightMirror Studios!

This mod has been created with love by Kris G. DC from NightMirror Studios.


x 2

- Tainted Niko has been added with Broken Lightbulb and add missing Sprite for T.Niko

- Tainted Niko has been added with Broken Lightbulb and add missing Sprite for T.Niko

- ver 2.0.0: New Sprites, New Intro and New UI

- Technical changes: Repentogon is now required, also Custome Character Protection was added, all the code was restructured (Again)

Problem, whenever playing as any character the screen goes black, even when paused. Any way of fixing it?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!