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broquinhos bosses + itens
Monstros I and II resprites + Lil Monstro and Monstro's Tooth
Created 1 year ago
Broquinho is a mascot from a Discord's server called GDBC(Geometry Dash Brazilian Community), I made a resprite of Monstros I and II turning them into this mascot, just for fun.
It was little hard in change the names of bosses and itens, but I have fun making the resprites, its my first time making mod, so if you have some problems in the mod, you can tell me in the comments. That's it, have fun.

Note: I resprited the delirium forms of Monster and Monster II too. The same thing with the Lil delirium form of Lil Monstro.


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April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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