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Perpetual Motion Machine
An item that prevent actives from discharging.... for a price
Created 2 years ago
Have you been frustrated by finding lots of active items and having no use for most of them? Or doing great efforts to get to a room, just to find active items that are worse than the one you already own? Maybe just not a big fan of waiting recharge to use your active items again? Your troubles are over!!

With this Perpetual Motion Machine item, your active items don't loose charge on use. Well... they will be destroyed after a few uses, but you can think of them like very powerful reusable consumables! You just need to keep finding them, which i am sure will not be a hard task! Your former problem just became a solution!

Reroll your angel or devil room items consecutively until your favorite item appears! Make instant profit with Wooden Penny right after buying it! Melt bosses with consecutive uses combat items that maybe would not even be that strong otherwise, then immediately melt the statue in the angel room with the same item, without needing recharge! Deplete the boss and devil room with Satanic Bible! Transform libraries into a gold mine! The possibilities are endless!


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April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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