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Vanilla D6
3 Room Charge!
Created 9 years ago

Annoyed that you can't reroll because there aren't enough rooms? Problem Solved!

Just put file in your resources folder!


x 15

- Now works for Afterbirth!

Will this be updated for Afterbirth+ ?
When I get Afterbirth+, yeah. Not good reviews so far but I'm definitely buying it in the future for the mods
Check for an update in the next two - 3 hours
It's updated now! Works as usual now
Wait, didn't Vanilla's D6 had 6 item charge like all of the other spacebar items?
No, every item would show 6 ticks of charge but when you finished a room with the D6, it would fill 2 ticks of charge instead of one.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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