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Pill tracker, char randomizer, Room rules
Created 8 years ago
External program for Binding of Isaac.


Pill Tracker
- To keep track of your pills.

Customizable character randomizer
- so you can randomize with eden and without the lost, or just the charaters you love

Rules for rooms
- this is for extra difficulty if you desire, you may only enter the rooms showed on the list


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Please add the option to reset the pills. Right now it seems I need to restart the program to do that. Also what's wrong with Able?
I'm confused on what does this do.
1 - Does Pill Tracker just works as a memo? or can you edit the effect?
2 - By randomize do you mean reroll items or just appearance?
3 - Does it keep the doors locked? can you move out of the rooms if you teleport into them?
This mod does not interact with the game in any way.

The pills is just as a memo, the randomizer is instead of the randomizer in game when you select a random character, since it doesn't include eden, and some people don't like it includes the lost, so i gave them an opprtunity to costumize their own. The doors is just to make your own rules to make the game harder.
This is a very good mod. I dont see why its not more popular.
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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