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[Antibirth] Full Soundtrack
The soundtrack option now has full effect!
Created 11 months ago
When the "Rebirth" setting for Soundtrack is turned on:

  • Downpour, Mines, Mausoleum, Corpse, Planetariums, Alt Path Boss Theme, Witness theme, and the alt path Calm (twisted too)
  • now use their tracks from Repentance.

When the "Remix" setting for Soundtrack is turned on:

  • Catacombs, Necropolis, Boss Fight, Mom, Satan, ???, The Lamb, Devil Room, and Angel Rooms now use their Antibirth theme

  • Cellar, Downpour, Caves, Catacombs, Mines, Depths, Necropolis, Womb, Corpse, Sheol, and Dark Room now have layers composed by LuFeDiRo

Mudeth: Composed the Antibirth soundtrack
Ridiculon: Composed the base game soundtrack
Rick: made the Rebirth unpacker
LuFeDiRo: made those awesome layers for the Antibirth tracks

Link for people who don't wanna sign in: Right here

Also check out Repackance for Rebirth!


x 2

- Replaced the Rebirth music with the Album versions

- Fixed Caves layer

- Filesize is a lot smaller now

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