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Curse Of The Tower
Mini expansion that focuses around new items
Created 1 year ago


  • 11 collectibles
  • 4 trinkets
  • 1 pocket items
  • 20 rooms


We plan to continue supporting this mod in the future with content updates, with the next one being about the same size as the current mod.


  • Mac Cheese: Art, design
  • Eucalyptus: Coding, design, rooms
  • TheSilentGamer: Art, design
  • Arachne: Design, testing, art

Special Thanks

  • Stamper: Voicelines
  • Lytebringr, for modding tutorials
  • Eufuu, for modding tutorials
  • Xalum, for a code snippet
  • Oatmealine, for a code snippet

Item Spoilers:


x 1

- Fixes

- -----

- Remove EID and encyclopedia entries for "Who am I?"

- Changes

- -----

- Temporarily removed "Who Am I?" pill

- Fixes

- -----

- Fixed Tarot Bombs removing cards that it cannot activate

- Fixed Ice Cream not synergizing with Brimstone on Incubus and Twisted Pair

- Fixed Ice Cream not affecting extra laser shots when having Anti-Gravity

- Changes

- -----

- Removed Tarot Bombs from the secret room item pool

- Reduce how often Ice Cream creep trails are spawned from lasers when the player has Soy Milk or Almond Milk

- Additions

- -----

- Cain's Other Eye now keeps the Ice Cream effects when the player has Brimstone

- Shots from Anti-Gravity + Technology + Ice Cream are now colored pink

- Fixes

- -----

- Fixed Box of Friends spawning Lil Rainmaker while the player doesn't have the item

- Fixed Ice Cream not synergizing with Brimstone when also having Anti-Gravity

- Fixed Ice Cream not spawning creep trails under extra Brimstone lasers from items that provide extra shots

- Fixed performance issues with the synergy between Ice Cream and Tech X

- Fixed visual on spore tears when having Poker Face

- Fixed Nose Goblin's sprite being replaced with Gift Card's sprite

- Fixed enemies doused by Kerosene still being ignited even after their douse wore off

- Changes

- -----

- Eden can no longer start with Dark Orb

- BFF now doubles Lil Rainmaker's damage (previously provided no effect)

- Add Terrorporter to the Ultra Secret pool

- Increased the size of creep puddles from Dr. Fetus explosions when having Ice Cream

- Kerosene now has a timed charge of 10 seconds

- Update Pyro resprite

- Additions

- -----

- Add interaction between Kerosene and black creep

- Add missing costumes for alt skin colors

- Add unique Pain Killers costumes for Dark Judas, Tainted Judas, and The Keeper

- Add unique Poker Face costumes for Dark Judas and Tainted Judas

- Add missing float animations for Lil Rainmaker

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!